Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Run Around

After taking all winter off and hunkering down in Jesse's basement, we've completely destroyed any notion of what Macrame Tiger once was. In place of sing-songy honky-tonk inspired Americana (I can't believe I just thought/typed that- I completely hate that type of shit music), we've gotten to the root of what we've always loved: brash, bratty, tight and noisy power-pop/punk/art-rock.
It finally makes sense. And we even wrote a slow-burning song about a UFO cult in the vein of Silver Jews. We've kept a few older songs, most notably "Birdsong", and "Bad Connection" (although it now carries a psychedelic swagger that's reminiscent of Thirteenth Floor Elevators-meets-Johnny Thunders).

I'm personally excited as fuck to perform "I Run Around", with it's Wire-esque synth bursts (provided by Lu), and the insane short-plate reverb vocals provided by Sean Shea.

Joining us on March 26th will be Each Other from Nova Scotia, Odd Hours, and The Wire Eyes. This is a solid bill with some cool-ass shit from the New Brooklyn. Let's get it on.

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