Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're no longer eloquent in our movements or words

The simplicity and purity is beyond belief. All I can see is Skylands and the purple soup of summer in the night, while I wait for my Father, half-high in the evening. Le plus pur. This song has been covered by a wide range of artists, most notably Chairman Of The Board and Dionne Warwick (The title was changed to 'This Girl's In Love With You').

What to say here, really? A glimpse into the recorded rehearsals of one of the most incredible, misguided, and ultimately dividing bands of the 1960's and beyond. If you liked them, you were a square. Of course they attempted to perform a Burt Bacharach composition made famous by Ms. Warwick. What a mighty song, for fuck's sake. Brian Wilson got cool after taking LSD. So did the stupid Beatles- they just happened to be cuter and skinnier and British. Seems to still be a set of desirable traits, no?

There's something about this that's inherently creepy, like in the way my uncle photographs people he doesn't know. This is obviously a song about sex, and there's an adolescent misunderstanding about the nature of sexual relationships that's quite evident, even though Mr. Moore elaborates upon his feelings from a man's perspective (or does he?). To know R. Stevie Moore is to love him- faults, eccentricities and all.

Damn. Just, like, damn. My Grandma Kay told me somewhat recently that Nina Simone was one of my late Grandfather's favorite vocalists. I immediately understood, as his once-long-ago dream was to be a radio DJ (which I believe he did accomplish in some small way, though the details are unclear), and what DJ or appreciator of music wouldn't be drawn to this perfect rendering of human struggle and experience? Do you have a heart? Where are your guts? Dear god, this is just immaculate, I swear.

Enjoy tonight's selections!

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Mr. Kerry Teeth said...

I would also like to point out the 70's porno scenes starring "Big" or "Long" John Holmes, who was coincidentally one of the first porn stars to die from AIDS. I believe the film was called "Lollipop Cream" or something to that effect.