Sunday, September 11, 2011

And I'll Leave You With This

Oh, Pavement. Oh, SM. What a lovely, gentle, tender little song. This is Pavement at their best, as far as I'm concerned. The melody is subtle and floaty like cool-whip puffed into the atmosphere by some giggly god wearing a raincoat. Additional awesome info: One time, Marilu had mistaken the lyric "Bad girls are always bad girls/let's let 'em in" for "Bad girls are always bad girls/like Spiderman". Hardy Har Har!

Chairmen Of The Board, so sweet. I closed my eyes and imagined hearing this on an old General Electric clock radio placed on my nightstand. R.I.P., General.

Ah, Ralph McTell. Second fiddle to friend and far less talented Nick Drake. A quiet ode to Sylvia Plath played on an upright piano with a head full of reverb. How understatedly perfect and soulful. All I can think of is cool, wet ground and a light breeze at the beginning of October.

We'll be on Michigan's west coast in 12 hours (hopefully crafting masterpieces like these, however unlikely). Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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