Monday, August 15, 2011

Heavy Metal Thunder

Apologies for the lack of posts- shit's been real weird. Been drawing a lot lately, and recording Jefferson Ghost Bear's second full-length album, as well as a Gold Fangs E.P.

It looks like my cat's face got bitten by a dog (there's a row of teeth marks planted perfectly stretched from eye to eye, and covering the bridge of his nose. He seems to be fine, but I worry about him playing with those hood cats from around the way.

I also got fired (by text message) from my job for putting in my two weeks notice. Guess they didn't like that, huh?
Shit's what you get when you try to be courteous. Oh well.

On Saturdays, I work for my friend Angie McBride at The Rust Belt Market, located right here in scenic Ferndale. It's like a dirt mall full of shit that doesn't suck, and it's all made by local artists. There's a dude who sells BAT HOUSES. No joke. There's a dude who makes fucking PIE. DOPE ASS PIE. No knives and incense, yo. ANYWAY, Angie makes some crazy-ass, awesome-ass spandex clothes. I personally enjoy booty shorts (on babes), and Angie's are top notch. Check this shit out.

Sometimes, I'm feeling kinda metal. Sometimes, I make posters for shits n' giggles.

11x17. Dig it yo.

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