Friday, July 8, 2011

Hi there, friends. Download Macrame Tiger's Mix Tape Volume One
right here.

We'll have a few hard copies in the free bin at Hybrid Moments Record store in Ferndale, tonight.

If you can't get your hands on one, here's the track listing and artwork.

Drew Hoganofsky Presents: Macrame Tiger's Mix Tape Volume I
Jefferson Ghost Bear: Sparkletoys Last All Summer Long
Superfucked: Marielle And I
Hi-Speed Dubbing: Stone Calendar
Drew Hoganofsky: Giggle Time
Legendary Creatures: It's Got Soul
Elephantom: Rocky And Adrian
Crab Grass Grass: Juicy Juice
Drew Hoganofsky: Animal Fun
DUENDE!: Boss Radio
Macramé Tiger: Sparklewood Friendship Society Club (Cloudy Version)
Bad Hug: Flowers
Gold Fangs: John's Shiny Wing
Macramé Tiger: Take Me Home (On The Smoky Old Ghost Train Version)
Drew Hoganofsky: Science Village (Feat. Tom Waits)

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