Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sup- Macramé Tiger's Mix Tape Volume I is out now. If you're lucky enough to have your sweaty mitts on one, then here's the track listing:

Drew Hoganofsky Presents: Macrame Tiger's Mix Tape Volume I
Jefferson Ghost Bear: Sparkletoys Last All Summer Long
Superfucked: Marielle And I
Hi-Speed Dubbing: Stone Calendar
Drew Hoganofsky: Giggle Time
Legendary Creatures: It's Got Soul
Elephantom: Rocky And Adrian
Crab Grass Grass: Juicy Juice
Drew Hoganofsky: Animal Fun
DUENDE!: Boss Radio
Macramé Tiger: Sparklewood Friendship Society Club (Cloudy Version)
Bad Hug: Flowers
Gold Fangs: John's Shiny Wing
Macramé Tiger: Take Me Home (On The Smoky Old Ghost Train Version)
Drew Hoganofsky: Science Village (Feat. Tom Waits)

Or, you can download it tomorrow when I provide the link, along with the artwork.

Cool times, drink beer. It's the weekend.

JGB and MT and Drew Hoganofsky

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