Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fabulous, Fresh, Frighteningly Realistic Ferndale

Ah, Ferndale. Once a podunk village (incorporated in 1918), it became a bedroom community for Detroit workers (construction, automotive, and otherwise in the late 20's). It was incorporated into a city on March 7th, 1927. Ferndale is odd in its ways- there's an inordinate amount of artists, LGBT community, and bike punks- all without a major university within the confines of the town.

And this is where we differ from, say, New Brunswick, NJ, with its colossal basement scene (which would be nice here, though given the lack of basements, unrealistic) and Rutgers University looming overhead.

Us residents are not wont to be a Great Lakes Brooklyn, as gentrification seemingly does more harm than good. Somehow, we've all defeated the notion of urban sprawl and chain stores (after all, Old Navy died out rather quickly). Starbucks was slapped down in favor of our own Java Hut and AJ's Cafe. This is but a small example of the attitude that permeates our little 3.9 square mile suburb of Detroit.

To Ferndale, I raise a glass (we have a bunch of great bars, also). Keep making. Keep doing. Let's keep it real.

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