Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tiger Time

Here's a lil' thing we did for RDW.

You can scope out the page firsthand at Real Detroit Weekly.

"Macrame Tiger are a septet of kaleidoscopic sounds and styles — spearheaded by five distinct songwriters varyingly leading the writing way with pedal-warbled space-rock, harmony-heavy folkish fare, grimy, lo-fi indie rock and techno-teasing synth pop. By most views only now "up and coming," they've been playing together for five years. Check out their new EP this fall, or catch them at the Aestival Festival on 8/7 in Lenox. Here are some albums they love:"

Silver Jews- American Water
James Brown- I'm Real
Dr. Dog- We All Belong
The Clean- Anthology
Buffalo Springfield- Last Time Around
The Olivia Tremor Control- Dusk at Cubist Castle
Major Organ And The Adding Machine- Self-titled
Love- Forever Changes
Los Campesinos- We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
Neon Canyon- EP

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