Sunday, July 18, 2010

Voyage of the Nerd Mind to 16-Bit Heaven

When I went home last month to say goodbye to my Stepdad, my brother and I drank a lot of Yeungling and smoked a billion cigarettes. We talked about a lot of dude stuff also, as we tend to do when together. We got on the subject of classic videogames, and how it's fun to play them on emulators and such, but he had admitted that it's more satisfying to watch a speed-run on youtube. Really, it's hard to find time to play games now that we're men with manly responsibilities.

I have really fond memories of the long-since forgotten NEC Turbografx-16 system. It was pretty dope!

Here's some cool old speed runs.

Air Zonk!

Fantasy Zone!

Shock Man!

I can't forget some even earlier, weirder stuff:

Mappy Land!

Clash At Demon Head!


Evan Robert Trusewicz said...

i watched the clash at demon head one recently. that shit is so awesome. it also looks so, so, so easy.

Macrame said...

yeah, but we both know that ish is super hard 2 DETH.