Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good and Wonderful Wildwood Days

May 22, 2002+8

Tonight was a beautiful little bird. Though Midlake was playing down the road, where I would have loved to be, I was glad to see people in our audience feeling the groove. Do you love Beach House? I do. Tremendously.

We're eventually taking a break from showtime-funtime this summer. It's for a good cause, though: NEW MUSIC! It will be wonderful and vivacious, I guarantee it. The new album is now in the MIX stage, which is exciting and a bit frustrating; how could you really make it perfect? You can't, but it will still blow your earholes into sensual oblivion. It just will. Sorry (not)!

When's our next show?
WELL! It's June 13th- airing in different broadcast markets, various states. TELEVISION! TELEBISION if you have a cold.Steve Barman is the new up-and-coming host of a late-night-fun-time-television-program. It will undoubtedly be a great mix of uncanny political burps (Coleman Young's GHASTLY GHOST) and a new musical performance each episode. We're actually filming the pilot episode, which is right up our alley. Just get ready.


Voice of jesusx2000: "So, dig this, I found a radical photo my little brother took of me while on vacation in Wildwood Crest, NJ."

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